Health Technician Cum Radio Operator (Medic)


  • Any one of the following qualifications:
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support(ACLS) & Basic Life Support(BLS)
  • Medical Assistant registered with the Medical Assistant Board (MAB) Malaysia "Lembaga Pembantu Perubatan Malaysia" or,
  • Medical Assistant Certificate, Class One issued by the Ministry of Defence or,
  • Nursing Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health or,
  • Other equivalent Medical qualifications (to be accepted on a case by case basis).


  • >4 years of working experience as a paramedic, Medical Assistant or Nurse in oil and gas industry.
  • Have undergone a recognized Medical Assistant's training (or equivalent training).

Job Functions

  • Administer first aid for all illnesses and injuries.
  • Administer immediate temporary medical treatment until services of a physician can be secured.
  • Maintain and assures readiness of emergency medical equipment and supplies. Maintains all medical records.
  • Prepare and maintain occupational injury and illness log.
  • Conduct first aid training courses for other platform personnel.
  • Accompany and attend to seriously injured or ill personnel while being transported from platform to hospital or clinic as necessary.
  • Advise Platform Supervisors as to type of medical attention and services that will be required on shore for injured or ill personnel.
  • Prepare and maintain records of authorization for medical treatment.
  • Regularly inspect lodging areas to assure that good health and housekeeping conditions are maintained.
  • Take samples and arranging for shipment for potable water samples to an approved laboratory for analysis.
  • Monitor food handling practices in the galley to assure proper health and sanitation measures are employed.
  • Perform duties as necessary during emergencies and drills to account for all people on board.
  • Perform other necessary clerical and safety duties as required by the Platform Supervisor such as but not limited to; assignments of rooms and escape capsule to personnel, safety briefing, maintenance of supplies of personal safety equipment for platform personnel and visitors.
  • Operate radio and other communication equipment (including PABX, FAX and telex) as required to maintain contact with supply vessels, tankers, drill ships, helicopters, platforms and land based stations.
  • Monitor all radio frequencies as required. Responds to radio and telephone calls, transmit or relays messages on and between platforms and any other stations.
  • Maintain appropriate logs as required by EMEPMI and Malaysian Regulatory rules relating to the use of all communication equipment and other operations on the platforms.
  • Maintain record of all personnel on board platforms as to name, affiliation, title and location at all times.
  • Maintain log of location of supply vessels at all times.
  • Monitor radio frequency of air borne helicopters. Receive and dispatch personnel, mail and equipment on the platforms.
  • Maintain appropriate paperwork relating to communications, vessels, helicopter, personnel, mail and equipment movement.
  • Perform actions as necessary on the helicopter lading team.
  • Perform routine cleaning and servicing checks of equipment he operates including standard trouble shooting checks and reports same to the Communication Maintenance Group's Supervisor.
  • Familiar with Platform Emergency Response Plan and take appropriate action as required by the Plan during an emergency.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Supervisor.
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