Mechanical Fitter (General)


Certificate or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.


  • > 5 years experience in plant maintenance in any of the following:
  • Power plant.
  • Pipeline installation, vessel, traps, valve fittings.
  • Chemical plant.
  • Oil tankers.
  • Offshore oil and gas platforms or petroleum refinery.

Job Functions

  • Operate a grinding and drilling machines.
  • Fit new bearing, rings and pistons.
  • Read correctly inside and outside micrometer, vernier gauges, vacuum and compression gauge, dial indicators, depth gauge, cylinder bore engine.
  • Familiar with all types of fittings allied to the mechanic's trade.
  • Erect and dismantle portable scaffolding and perform necessary rigging required to accomplish the work assigned.
  • Perform work in accordance with EMEPMI established safety procedure and practices and maintain good housekeeping at the work location.
  • Responsible for the proper use and care of tools and equipment charged to him and return all unused materials to stock.
  • Work over water at height in excess of 30 meters during inclement weather conditions.
  • Good physical condition and capable of withstanding long periods in inclement weather. Also capable of climbing towers, vessels and structures.
  • Receive assignments from the EMEPMI Maintenance Supervisor with written work orders to describe the work. He shall be expected to carry out the technical aspect of a job assignment with minimum supervision.
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