Mechanical Fitter (Turbine)


Certificate or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.


>10 years experience in maintenance of rotary machinery with at least 5 years in high speed (10,000 RPM) rotating equipment.

Job Functions

  • Familiar with turbine start system standard component, such as starter motor, lubricator, air/gas strainer, starter motor shut off valve, solenoidoperated pilot valve, pressurereducing orifice, pilot air/gas filter, pilot relief valve.
  • Familiar with turbine engine assembly and theory of engine operation and it's symbols and abbreviation.
  • Able to carry out equipment alignment.
  • Capable of using micrometer, vernier gauges, vacuum and compression gauge, dial indicators, depth gauges and bore gauges.
  • Fit new bearings, rings and pistons into reciprocating equipment.
  • Possess good mechanical troubleshooting skills.
  • Read technical drawings and refer to manuals to perform routine maintenance on:
    - Gas turbine engines.
    - High speed centrifugal compressors.
    - Mechanical Seals
    - Pumps, reciprocating and centrifugal
    - Heat exchanger, coolers, condensers and distillation units.
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