Production Technician


Certificate or Diploma in Engineering in the relevant trade.


> 5 years experience in plant maintenance as production technician.

Job Functions

  • Perform routine maintenance on production and associated equipment.
  • Perform regular inspections on production facilities and equipment such as wellheads, separators, dehyration, water injection, flares, pig launchers/ receivers.
  • Operate/monitor control of oil and gas from wellheads/vessels to pipelines, process or flare facilities
  • Obtain various operational data, hydrocarbon and produced water samples
  • Maintain wellhead and process equipment against corrosion as required
  • Assist in proving meters, calibration of instruments and gauges.
  • Work on well choke valves and orifice plates as required
  • Assist with the on-the-job training of Production technician trainees.
  • Visit and operate satellite platforms.
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