• SPM or at least secondary school education with extensive experience (exceeding the minimum) as a rigger on offshore or ships/vessels.
  • Competent in crane hand signals and use of rigging tools (slings shackles, spreader bars, thimbles etc.


>5 years experience as rigger. of which 2 years shall be on offshore platforms or ships/vessels.

Job Functions

  • Able to backsplice wire to make safe new temporary slings using acceptable industry standard marlinspike techniques.
  • Fully qualified in proper and safe erection of industrial tubular scaffolding, clamps and scaffold boards.
  • Able to work safely at heights in and in many cases over water.
  • Knowledgeable in rigging and slinging of machinery, piping, large valves, pressure vessels, motor control centers for installation/removal.
  • Assists in loading and off loading of supply vessels, attending to helicopters and plat form housekeeping and general cleaning.
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