Electrical Chargemen Nil


  • Possess at least B2 or B4 certificate of competency issued by JPE.
  • Process any of the certificates listed below as prescribed by the Regulations made under the Electricity Ordinance 1949, Malaysia below:
  • 'Certificate of Competency as a Chargeman High Pressure' or
  • 'Certificate of Competency as a Chargeman Medium Pressure' or
  • 'Certificate of Competency as a Chargeman NIL'


>5 years experience as chargeman.

Job Functions

  • Work independently and safely with minimum supervision.
  • Prepare daily report on work done.
  • Work at height. Must be physically fit and capable of climbing towers, vessels and other structures and knowledgeable in the use of safety systems/equipment.
  • Familiar with electrical codes e.g. NEC, NEMA, IEEE and ANSI and knowledgeable of 'Hazardous Area' classification.
  • Perform electrical work such as running cables, installing/testing light fixtures, motors, circuit breakers, motor control centers.
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