Telecommunication Assistant


Certificate in Electronic Engineering or Telecommunication.


  • >3 years experience in voice telecommunication including all types of auxiliary radio systems.
  • At least 1 year working experience at offshore platforms.
  • Able to climb and work on telecommunication towers.

Job Functions

  • To maintain Telecommunication System (voice and data) both at offshore EMEPMI platforms and onshore sites as follows:
    i) HardwareJumpering, cabling, on PABX Systems, Installing telephones and fax machines at all EMEPMI sites.
    ii) LinesTo carry out user requests and liaising with local telecom service provider for installation of new lines (PSTN, tie lines, ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI), restoration of line outages and in resolving telecom lines problems.
    iii) Auxiliary RadiosCarry out preventive and corrective maintenance of all the auxiliary radios inclusive of the following:
  • Oil Spill Response and Emergency Command Center Equipment VHF/FM, VHF/AM, UHF/FM and HF/SSB mobile and base stations.
  • Installation of rural telephone system on drilling rig and barges.
  • Fax machines.
  • Non -Directional Beacons(NDB).
    iv) Multiplexers - Assist in the line-up of multiplex channels.
    v) Antenna - Carry out Preventive and Corrective maintenance of all the antenna system at all locations inclusive of telecom towers. Height of antenna towers ranges fro 100 to 150ft above sea level.
    i) Hardware - Modems installation and troubleshooting, line drivers,
    installation of LAN cables, data cables and network devices.
    ii) Lines - Line- up of leased lines analog/digital)
  • Fire Protection system(VESDA and smoke and heat detectors).
  • Battery system chargers and UPS.
  • Inergen fire suppression system.
    Stores and materials movement
    i) Receiving and issuing of telecom. spares, materials and equipment from offshore or onshore.
    ii) Packing and unpacking of telecom materials to and from offshore and onshore locations.
    iii) Maintain inventory of IS equipment.
    iv) Picking up and sending of IS items from Kerteh Airport to work sites and vice versa.

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