Instrument Technician


Certificate or Diploma in Electronic Engineering or Instrumentation and Controls


>5 years installation and calibration experience in oil and gas industry Electronic/ Pneumatic Process Control.

Job Functions

  • Work independently and safely with the minimum supervision in accordance with EMEPMI's established safety procedures and practices.
  • Work at heights and should be physically fit and capable of climbing towers, vessels or other structures.
  • Operate test equipment allied to his trade such as meggers, multimetes, ohmmeters, tester, vacuum gauges, frequency generators, digital counters, oscilloscopes, dB meters and any other shop test equipment related to his trade.
  • Familiar with and have a working knowledge of the API Specification on Instruments and Control Systems RP-550, NEC and the Instrument Society of America (ISA) Standards and Practices for Instrumentation.
  • Interpret design and one line schematics drawings. Install, troubleshoot/analyze, calibrate, modify and maintain electronics/pneumatic/hydraulic control systems such as but not limited to the following:
    - Fire and gas detection system.
    - Fusible plug system.
    - Wellhead control panel.
    - Gas compressor controls including anti-surge control systems.
    - Gas turbine control systems.
    - Flow, level and pressure control loops.
  • Familiar with the concept of 'Hazardous Areas' Classifications as prescribed in the NEC.
  • Completely familiar with the Work Permit System before starting on any work whatsoever.
  • Perform work in accordance EMEPMI established safety procedures and practices and maintains good housekeeping at the work location.
  • Responsible for the proper use and care of tools and equipment charged to him and return all unused materials to stock.
  • Interpret manufacturer's literature, manuals, direct and work a crew of workmen and implement the project or assignment in the most efficient and professional manner.
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